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Sermon Illustration 5






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Book Description

Illustration 5

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Title: Seeds
Key Text: 2 Corinthians 9:10-11, NRSV

Did you know? More than
10,000 seed samples
for over 300 species of
plants are stored in a
secure vault, deep inside a
mountain on a tiny Arctic
island near the North Pole.
The Global Seed Vault stores the seeds of life,
should they ever be lost to catastrophe or cataclysm.
However, great care must be taken to ensure the
seeds do not begin to sprout.
Why? Seeds grow. God did not design them to
remain dormant. Although it is important to have
seeds stored in case of emergency, sitting still is not
normal seed behavior.
God made seeds to grow and multiply. God
designed seeds to produce plants that produce fruit
of some sort – and more seeds.
Some seeds have even germinated and flourished
after thousands of years in storage. It is hard to keep
a seed from doing what God created it to do. Why?
It contains the potential for abundant life. It offers
the hope of a brighter tomorrow,

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