Non-Verbal Reasoning 1 - GL Assessment

Non-Verbal Reasoning 1 - GL Assessment






readfollowingverbal and non verbal reasoning

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Book Description

Read the following with your child:
1. This is a multiple-choice paper in which you have to mark your answer to each question
on the separate answer sheet. You should mark only one answer for each question.
2. Draw a firm line clearly through the rectangle next to your answer like this *
—. If you
make a mistake, rub it out as completely as you can and put in your new answer.
3. There are four sections in this paper. Each section starts with an explanation of what
to do followed by a worked example with the answer already marked on the answer
sheet. Each section also contains some practice questions. Solutions to the example and
practice questions are provided.
4. Be sure to keep your place in the correct section on the answer sheet. Mark your
answer in the box that has the same number as the question in the booklet.
5. You may find some of the questions difficult. If you cannot do a question, do not
waste time on it but go on to the next. If you are not sure of an answer, choose the
one you th

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