Let Medicaid Give You a Ride Let Medicaid Give You a Ride

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Let Medicaid
Give You a Ride
Medicaid covers the cost of emergency medical transportation for eligible individuals.
An emergency is when your medical needs are immediate. Examples include having
a heart attack or being seriously injured in a car accident. In cases like these, you may
be taken to the emergency room by ground (ambulance) or air (medical flight). You
do not need pre-approval for emergency transportation. If you need a ride to a medical
appointment, Medicaid does not consider this an emergency, but you may still be able
to get a ride.
Medicaid covers rides for eligible individuals to and from the doctor’s office, the
hospital, or another medical office for Medicaid-approved care. This coverage is
called “non-emergency medical transportation,” because it does not involve a medical
emergency. Medicaid may give you a ride if you do not have a car that works or do
not have a driver’s license. You may also be able to get a ride if you have a physical
or mental disability or are unable to t

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