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Create a Face Lab






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Book Description

Create a Face Lab
Why do people look so different from each other? Even close relatives often look
very different from each other. This happens because a very large variety of traits
exist in the human population and new variations are created as humans
reproduce. Remember during meiosis there can be reshuffling and even crossing
over of genes. In this activity, we will learn why brothers and sisters have
different genotypes (genetic messages on their DNA) and phenotypes (physical
appearances), even when the share the same parents.
So… CONGRATUALTIONS! You are a parent! You and your lab partner represent a couple
that each have one dominant and one recessive gene for each facial feature illustrated in this
lab. Amazing coincidence, huh? As you already know this means you are heterozygous for each


A partner
A penny
Colored pencils

1. Obtain a partner and the rest of your materials. Decide which of you will contribute the
genes of the mother and with will cont

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