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Book Description

AP Psychology – Unit 8 Assignment
Intelligence, Motivation, & Emotion
Big Questions: What defines an intelligent person? How can we make personality/intelligence
testing a constructive endeavor? What motivates us? Why do we display emotions? How does
perception affect emotion? What effect does stress have on the body?
Intelligence, Motivation, & Emotion Objectives:
 Trace the origins of intelligence tests including the contributions of Galton, Binet,
and Terman.
 Distinguish between aptitude and achievement tests and describe modern tests of mental
abilities such as the WAIS and SAT.
 Describe principles of test construction including standardization, reliability, and
validity, and explain how they are used to form accurate tests.
 Describe the nature of intelligence and discuss the implications of culture on
 Explain whether intelligence should be considered a general mental ability or many
specific abilities.
 Discuss the stability of intelligence scores and describe the two extremes of

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