A Guide to Production Insurance for organics - Agri-Corp

A Guide to Production Insurance for organics - Agri-Corp






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Book Description

A Guide to

Production Insurance for organics
Production Insurance protects Ontario producers from yield
reductions and crop losses caused by factors beyond their control.
Things like adverse weather, disease, wildlife and insect infestations.
In most plans, you are guaranteed a level of production, based on the type and
level of coverage you choose. Claims are paid when an insured peril causes your
yield to fall below your guaranteed production. Coverage is available for more
than 90 crops.

Insuring your organic crops
Agricorp has developed specialized organic plans for soybeans, corn, winter spelt,
winter wheat, fresh market carrots and fresh market cabbage. These plans have claim
prices that better reflect the organic market and also typically have higher premium rates
than our general plans. Proof of organic certification is required before any claims are paid.
Other crops or crops in transition can still be insured under the general plans. Claim prices
and premium rates for the general plans are based o

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